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Enjoy 13 types of water temperature adjustment features with an easy-to-use and multi-functional Cuckoo water purifier. The in and out sterilization system auto-cleans the pipes and faucets without your intervention. The touch panel makes it easy to adjust the temperature. Thanks to the double water level sensor. It is designed to avoid water overflow and reduce wastage. There is voice navigation available in Malay, Chinese, and English. The sleek design and advanced features make Cuckoo Icon an excellent option for small homes with limited space. There is a 5.2L water tank designed to hold sufficient water for a family with 6-8 members.


Purchase Price (One Time)

RM3,812 (NP RM4,200)

Valid until 2023-10-31

RM 388 OFF (Product Discount + FREE ADDITIONAL 2 YEARS NCSP)

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Sleek & Chic. ICON will be an iconic addition to your living space with a design that features CUCKOO’S revolutionary IN & OUT Auto Sterilisation Electrolysis Technology.

Main Features
  • Designed for Home
  • First In & Out Electrolysis Auto Sterilization System
  • Faucet Sterilization
  • Touch Panel with Mood Light
  • Energy Eyes Sensor
  • Voice Navigation (English, Malay, Chinese)
  • Double Water Level Sensor (prevent water leak & overflow)
  • 13 Types of Water Temperature Adjustment
  • Anti-bacterial Stainless Water Tank


Normal Plan Rental

1 – 36 months (Obligation/Contract Period) 37 – 60 months (Option to Continue)
RM113.21/month RM94.34/month
CUCKOO Water Purifier - Icon

Specification Cuckoo Icon Water Purifier

Model Cuckoo Icon Water Purifier
Filtration Type Nano Positive Filtration System with 4 Filters
Tank Capacity Cold - 2.0L, Room - 1.8L, Hot - 1.4L
Material Antibacterial Stainless Steel Water Tank
Power Consumption Cold - 100W, Hot - 350W
Dimension 508H x 260W x 490D (mm)
Weight 20.5KG
Filter & Service Part Name - Duration
Sediment Filter 8 Inch - Every 4 months
Pre Carbon 8 Inch - Every 8 months
Natural Filter - 8 Inch - Every 12 months
Nano Positive - 8 Inch - Every 12 months
Available Plan Outright, Rental
Pricing Outright RM 4200.00
Pricing Rental Contract: 60 months (Obligation: 36 months) / Monthly Rental Fees
1 - 12 Months / RM 113.21
13 - 24 Months / RM 113.21
25 - 36 Months / RM 113.21
37 - 48 Months / RM 94.34
49 - 60 Months / RM 94.34

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