Buy 14.1 Litre Cuckoo Queen Stand Water Purifier


Cuckoo Queen Stand flaunts an ultra-slim design and offers a 6-stage filtration with up to 4 filters, designed to offer clean and healthy water to families. This one has the largest tank capacity of all Cuckoo water purifiers mentioned before.

Featuring a 14.1L large tank, Queen Stand is an ideal choice for joint families and offices. It also has an anti-bacterial stainless steel tank that offers an external faucet and an operation indicator. The red switch is for hot and the blue is for cold water. Adjust the water temperature and get hot or cold water with a single press of a button.

Queen Stand

Rent to Own (Monthly)


Valid until 2024-03-31

Purchase Price (One Time)


Valid until 2024-03-31

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Meet the Queen! The perfect company to large offices and families, QUEEN STAND is designed to deliver both quantity and quality. Drink big, drink happy.

Main Features
  • Designed for Home & Office
  • 6-Stage Filtration with 4 Filters
  • Anti-bacterial Stainless Steel Water Tank
  • Child Lock Safety Feature
  • External Faucet (Optional)
  • Water Level Indicator
  • Operation Indicator for Water Temp (Red – Hot & Blue – Cold)
  • Switching Valve (Room to Cold Instantly)
  • Energy Eye Function


It shouldn’t break your bank to drink big. Choose from 6 different packages and decide on your monthly fee and repayment period for your brand-new CUCKOO Queen Stand mild-alkaline water purifier! Also receive FREE servicing and filter replacement every four months, as well as a 5-year warranty!


Specification Cuckoo Queen Stand Water Purifier

Model Cuckoo Queen Stand Water Purifier
Filtration Type Nano Positive Filtration System with 4 Filters
Tank Capacity Cold - 2.8L, Purified - 7.3L, Hot - 4.0L
Material Antibacterial Stainless Steel Water Tank
Power Consumption Cold - 120W, Hot - 500W
Dimension 1350H x 360W x 496D (mm)
Weight 30.1KG
Filter & Service Part Name - Duration
Sediment Filter 11 Inch - Every 4 months
Pre Carbon 11 Inch - Every 8 months
Natural Filter - 11 Inch - Every 12 months
Nano Positive - 11 Inch - Every 12 months
Available Plan Outright, Goood Plan
Pricing Outright RM 4500.00
Pricing Goood Plan Contract (Months) / Rental Fees (Per month) / Obligation (Month)
18 Months / RM 230 / Obligation 18 Months
24 Months / RM 200 / Obligation 18 Months
30 Months / RM 180 / Obligation 18 Months
36 Months / RM 160 / Obligation 18 Months
48 Months / RM 140 / Obligation 24 Months
60 Months / RM 120 / Obligation 36 Months

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