Cuckoo Iris Top Water Purifier


Iris is a modern Cuckoo water purifier, featuring a touch display. This allows users to control the purifier and adjust the temperature with one tap of the button. It has 13 types of water temperature settings and a 5.2L tank capacity. The anti-bacterial stainless steel water tank offers pure and safe water with a button lock feature for an added layer of safety. Cuckoo Iris Top is a touch-enabled and high-quality water purifier that offers a time display & error code display function. It comes with a 5-year warranty period, so should you face any problem, reach out to the company to get it resolved.

Iris Top

Rent to Own (Monthly)


Valid until 2024-01-31

Purchase Price (One Time)


Valid until 2024-01-31

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Eyeing for something comprehensive and Yet simple? IRIS TOP is a touch-enabled mild alkaline water purifier with 13 temperature settings. Get ready to welcome a look that is incredibly sleek!

Main Features
  • Designed for Home
  • Time Display & Error Code Display
  • Touch Panel
  • Button Lock
  • Non Stop Flow (Cold Water)
  • 13 Types of Water Temperature Adjustment
  • Anti-bacterial Stainless Water Tank



Specification Cuckoo Iris Top Water Purifier

Model Cuckoo Iris Water Purifier
Filtration Type Nano Positive Filtration System with 4 Filters
Tank Capacity Cold - 2.0L, Room - 1.8L, Hot - 1.4L
Material Antibacterial Stainless Steel Water Tank
Power Consumption Cold - 100W, Hot - 350W
Dimension 508H x 260W x 490D (mm)
Weight 15.5KG
Filter & Service Part Name - Duration
Sediment Filter 8 Inch - Every 4 months
Pre Carbon 8 Inch - Every 8 months
Natural Filter - 8 Inch - Every 12 months
Nano Positive - 8 Inch - Every 12 months
Available Plan Outright, Goood Plan
Pricing Outright RM 3772.64
Pricing Goood Plan Contract (Months) / Rental Fees (Per month) / Obligation (Month)
18 Months / RM 188.68 / Obligation 18 Months
24 Months / RM 169.81 / Obligation 24 Months
30 Months / RM 150.94 / Obligation 30 Months
36 Months / RM 132.08 / Obligation 36 Months
48 Months / RM 113.21 / Obligation 48 Months
60 Months / RM 94.34 / Obligation 60 Months

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