Xcel Aqua Mint Water Purifier by Cuckoo


A water purifier in a minimalistic design and in light aqua mint colors makes a great choice for people looking for stylish and elegant Cuckoo water purifiers for their homes. That’s what this ultra-modern Cuckoo Xcel Aqua Mint helps you achieve. Designed for small families, the 2.3L tank is often enough for you to enjoy safe, clean, and pure water.

The adjustable room temperature allows you to raise or lower the temperature according to your needs. Plus, the eco-friendly and energy-saving mode reduces your carbon footprint and save you on electricity cost. This cuckoo water purifier takes up a little space and offers many advanced filtration options.

Xcel Aqua Mint

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Valid until 2023-10-31

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Quality Meets Style

The XCEL Water Purifier is a lightweight powerhouse that will provide you and your loved ones with mild alkaline water that is free from harmful bacteria viruses at cold, hot and room temperatures anytime you want.

Now available in moon whitelimited edition aqua mint and jet black.

Main Features
  • Adjustable room temperature (Slightly Cold/Hot)
  • One touch direct control buttons
  • Hot lock button & lock button
  • Save space with monochrome design
  • Eco friendly & energy saving
  • Manual & Auto water dispense function
  • Status indicator light displays current operation status

Antibacterial Stainless-Steel Water Tank

Why are stainless steel water filters always sought for when it comes to kitchen appliances? This is due to its versatility — this durable steel can retain at both high and low temperatures, besides inhibiting the growth of bacteria and other pathogens, making it easy to clean and maintain. This way, the cleanliness of your water is ensured, without compromising your hygiene. Besides, CUCKOO XCEL Aqua Mint would be a long-term investment as it is resistant to corrosion, besides looking aesthetically pleasing. It’s not just pretty, it’s functional too!

Stylish Touch Display

Constantly on par with ongoing trends, CUCKOO XCEL Aqua Mint is the perfect minimalistic addition as its stylish touch display only requires you to gently place your finger on to choose the temperature you want or to dispense water. Check out this stylish water purifier that is sure to modernise your home or establishment’s interior design.

Nifty And Minimalistic

CUCKOO XCEL Aqua Mint is also the perfect household water filter for a wide range kitchen, especially a studio size unit, for example, as it does not take up too much space while giving your kitchen a clean and neat look. What this means is that even if you may have spatial constraints in your home, CUCKOO XCEL Aqua Mint effectively transcends that issue, giving you the best of both worlds — beauty and convenience!

Adjustable Water Temperature — Hot, Cold And Room Temperature Settings

Imagine the privilege of serving your drink at different temperatures along with a delicious meal, with just one click. With CUCKOO XCEL Aqua Mint, you don’t have to imagine, because it’s very much real. This water purifier will solve the hassle of preparing a drink at your desired temperature, allowing you to relax and move at your own pace after a long day at work.


From RM70 per month, enjoy an unlimited supply of clean mild alkaline water, FREE servicing and filter replacement every four months as well as a 6-year warranty when you choose the XCEL Water Purifier in moon white, jet black or limited edition aqua mint.



You deserve beyond drinking water. Not only is our XCEL Water Purifier functional but it’s also aesthetically pleasing. There are now 3 colours for you to choose from: Moon White, Jet Black and Limited Edition Aqua Mint! Each colour will fit right into different styles of kitchen spaces seamlessly.

Specification Cuckoo Xcel Aqua Mint Water Purifier

Model Cuckoo Xcel Aqua Mint Water Purifier
Filtration Type Nano Positive Filtration System with 4 Filters
Tank Capacity Cold - 1.0L, Room - 0.3L, Hot - 1.0L
Material Antibacterial Stainless Steel Water Tank
Power Consumption Cold - 100W, Hot - 300W
Dimension 502H x 220W x 490D (mm)
Weight 14.1KG
Filter & Service Part Name - Duration
Sediment Filter 8 Inch - Every 4 months
Pre Carbon 8 Inch - Every 8 months
Natural Filter - 8 Inch - Every 12 months
Nano Positive - 8 Inch - Every 12 months
Available Plan Outright, Goood Plan
Pricing Outright RM 3700.00
Pricing Goood Plan Contract (Months) / Rental Fees (Per month) / Obligation (Month)
18 Months / RM 179.00 / Obligation 18 Months
24 Months / RM 159.00 / Obligation 24 Months
30 Months / RM 139.00 / Obligation 30 Months
36 Months / RM 119.00 / Obligation 36 Months
48 Months / RM 99.00 / Obligation 48 Months
60 Months / RM 79.00 / Obligation 60 Months
72 Months / RM 70.00 / Obligation 72 Months

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