Cuckoo Warrior Ultimate Water Purifier


This stainless steel water tank, featuring a faucet sterilization system, is an ultimate choice for medium to large families. The Cuckoo Warrior water purifier has two separate knobs for hot and cold water, thus making it easy to identify which one to press for hot/cold water.

This Cuckoo water purifier has a 5.2L tank capacity, which is enough for families with up to 8 users. Warrior is the first purifier with an auto sterilization function that protects the system from bacteria and contaminants. It has a 21 cm tall space, allowing you to fill large water bottles effortlessly.


Rent to Own (Monthly)


Valid until 2024-06-30

Purchase Price (One Time)


Valid until 2024-06-30

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The Health Protector of Every Family

Every family needs a warrior. While you’re outside fighting for your family, CUCKOO WARRIOR is at home protecting every family.

Main Features
  • Faucet Sterilization
  • 4-Steps with 6-Stages Filtration System
  • Stainless Steel Water Tank
  • Eco-Friendly Water Filtration System
  • Status Indicator Light
  • Child Lock Button
  • Stylish Design
  • Separate Power Supply Switches For Hot/Cold Water
  • External Valve (Optional)

Faucet Sterilisation Function

Prevents residues and bacterial growth. The 1st mechanical water purifier with a faucet sterilisation function.

Extra Comfortable Space

21cm-tall outlet space lets you easily fill up your tumblers and water bottles.

Cold Water Temperature Knob

Cold Water Temperature Knob with 5 temperature levels from room temperature to cold water for any occasion.

Stainless-Steel Water Tank

A high-capacity tank that easily meets the needs of the whole family.

Instant Temperature Output

Enjoy hot, cold and room temperature water whenever you wish.

Mechanical Child Safety Lock

An extra layer of safety for your loved ones.



The WARRIOR Water Purifier will protect you and your loved ones by providing pure and healthy water. It’s also the first mechanical water purifier that is equipped with a faucet sterilisation function so you won’t have to worry about its cleanliness.

From only RM98* monthly for the first 3 years and RM80* for the following 2 years, let WARRIOR protect your family.

*While stock last.
*Terms and conditions apply.


The CUCKOO WARRIOR makes it easy for you to reach your 2-litre daily water intake. Just turn the knob whenever you want to drink hot or room temperature water!


Choose from 4 different packages and decide on your monthly fee and repayment period for CUCKOO WARRIOR, the first mechanical water purifier that’s equipped with a faucet sterilisation function.


Shield Your Family’s Health

Specification Cuckoo Warrior Water Purifier

Model Cuckoo Warrior Top Water Purifier
Filtration Type Nano Positive Filtration System
Tank Capacity Cold - 2.8L, Room - 1.0L, Hot - 1.4L
Material Stainless Steel Water Tank
Power Consumption Cold - 100W, Hot - 350W
Dimension 508H x 260W x 508D (mm)
Weight 14.3 kg
Filter & Service Part Name - Duration
Sediment Filter 8 Inch - Every 4 months
Pre Carbon 8 Inch - Every 8 months
Natural Filter - 8 Inch - Every 12 months
Nano Positive - 8 Inch - Every 12 months
Available Plan Outright, Goood Plan
Pricing Outright RM 3200.00
Pricing Rental Contract: 60 months (Obligation: 36 months) / Monthly Rental Fees
1 - 12 Months / RM 98
13 - 24 Months / RM 98
25 - 36 Months / RM 98
37 - 48 Months / RM 80
49 - 60 Months / RM 80

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