Cuckoo Prince Top Water Purifier


Just because it’s a water purifier doesn’t mean it has to be bulky. Cuckoo Prince Top water purifier is the perfect example of a high-quality and attractive water purifier that serves all functions of a purifier while looking elegant in your kitchen. The Rose Gold slim design makes Prince Top the best option for families looking for a stylish yet minimalist design. Smart temperature settings allow you to adjust the water temperature depending on the current weather and your requirements. It also offers voice navigation in English, Malay, and Chinese.

The in and out sterilization means you don’t have to clean the faucet and the interiors of the purifier manually. The system does it automatically. Besides, the Prince Top Cuckoo water purifier has an energy-saving mode that makes it an energy-efficient and sustainable choice. Overall, it’s a great choice for families looking for a smart and elegant water purifier for residential use.

Prince Top (discontinued)

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Valid until 2024-03-31

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Elegant and sophisticated. Adorned in regal Rose Gold, PRINCE TOP’s contemporary and compact design allows direct-from-the-source water heating. Perfect for those seeking simplicity with an added touch of sophistication!

Main Features
  • Designed for Home
  • Slimmest Design / Rose Gold Finishing
  • Fixed Dispensing (Function-Half cup, Full cup or Continuous Dispensing)
  • Energy Saving Mode
  • Smart Temperature Settings – 40°C, 50°C, 60°C, 70°C, 80 °C
  • Voice Navigation (English, Malay, Chinese)
  • In & Out Auto Electrolysis Sterilization


Choose from 4 different packages and decide on your monthly fee and repayment period for PRINCE TOP. It’s the perfect tankless water purifier for those seeking simplicity with an added touch of sophistication.


CUCKOO Water Purifier - Prince Top

Specification Cuckoo Prince Top Water Purifier

Model Cuckoo Prince Top Water Purifier
Filtration Type Nano Positive Filtration System with 3 Filters
Tank Capacity -
Material -
Power Consumption Cold - 100W, Hot - 2350W
Dimension 408H x 170W x 468D (mm)
Weight 10.5KG
Filter & Service Part Name - Duration
Natural Plus Filter - Every 4 months
Sedi Carbon Composite Filter 4 Inch - Every 4 months
Nano Positive Filter - 4 Inch - Every 8 months
Available Plan Outright, Goood Plan
Pricing Outright RM 4200.00
Pricing Goood Plan Contract (Months) / Rental Fees (Per month) / Obligation (Month)
18 Months / RM 240.00 / Obligation 18 Months
36 Months / RM 140.00 / Obligation 36 Months
60 Months / RM 115.00 / Obligation 60 Months
72 Months / RM 105.00 / Obligation 72 Months

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