Cuckoo Titan: The Best Water Purifier

Everyone needs clean and safe drinking water, not just for their safety, but to protect their loved ones from water-borne diseases. Tap water contains bacteria, germs, and many contaminants that make you susceptible to many illnesses. This is especially not safe for kids. Whether you are buying a water purifier for the first time or replacing the older one, Cuckoo has the best water purifiers in its collection. These systems come with an advanced filtration unit that cleans the pipes and faucets automatically, keeping the purifier sterilized.

Titan water purifier is one such product that has been gaining immense popularity in Malaysia. The company offers water purifiers for small and large families. They have products designed to cater to both small and large families. If you are wondering whether Cuckoo Titan is a good choice, read this post to learn more about Cuckoo Titan and how it makes an excellent choice for all types and sizes of families.

The instant hot water function kills up to 99.99% of bacteria and harmful contaminants, providing you with safe and pure water to drink. The water sterilization feature enables people to wash their vegetables, fruits, kid’s water bottles, and other items with anti-bacterial water.


Plus, the mineral-rich water is pretty healthy for your kids. The purified water is also capable of killing pesticides. As mentioned above, the in and out auto sterilization function is designed to clean the faucets and pipes automatically.

Not everyone has a space to fit a large and heavy water purifier tank. If you also have a small space in your kitchen, Cuckoo Titan makes an excellent choice. Its slim and minimalist design can fit in small spaces and offer the best functionality.


It also enhances the aesthetic value of your kitchen. The system has an adjustable faucet with four adjustment options, allowing you to change the direction of the faucet so that you don’t spill the water accidentally while pouring. This Cuckoo’s water purifier comes with two advanced filters that, as mentioned before, kill all types of bacteria, offering you 100% protection.

There is a hidden stop touch, which serves a safety function. Titan water purifier also comes with a navigation button that’s available in English and Malay languages. Mood lighting makes it even better. With these modern features, Cuckoo Titan is undeniably a stylish and contemporary addition to your place.

Traditional water purifiers are known for consuming a considerable amount of energy. That won’t be a problem with Cuckoo Titan, though. Titan is an energy-efficient water purifier that comes with an energy-saving mode, designed specifically to help conserve energy. Turn on this mode to save on your electricity bills. This will also help reduce your carbon footprint.


Enjoy 100-degree celsius hot water from the Cuckoo Titan water purifier. The company is Malaysia’s leading water purifier supplier. They offer free delivery and installation, plus a 5-year warranty on this product. Enjoy free 4 months of service and ensure your family’s safety.